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Special Events
Music-under-the-Stars-in-Hurkamp.jpgPlanning a Special Event?  
Our Special Event Application is a streamlined approach to gather information about your event and to help you navigate the City’s requirements for hosting your event in the City. Our event team is available to answer your questions and guide you through the checklist for a successful, compliant event. Submission of an application is not a guarantee of approval. 

Special Event Application

Residential Block Pary Permit Application

Park & Facility Rental Information
 for City Parks and Facilities

Upcoming Events

City Sponsored Special Events
Our Parks, Recreation and Events Department hosts and co-sponsors a number of events throughout the year for you and your family to enjoy.
Other events and happenings in the City and the Region are available online at

Resident Notifications
We have a beautiful city and, because of that, there are numerous events happening on a regular basis.  Some impact traffic and some involve road closures.  If you want to stay informed about these events and how they may impact your neighborhood or drive around town, please sign up for our calendar notifications:

Special Events Street Closures Calendar
Any special events that close city streets for 4 or more hours will be listed on this calendar.  These events will also appear on the calendar on our home page.  Subscribe to email and/or text calendar notifications by clicking on the Notify Me button above the calendar.  

Special Events Street Impacts Calendar
Special events that impact city streets, but do not close them for a long period of time will be listed on this calendar. Events such as walks or runs where traffic is temporarily delayed while walkers/runners cross the street will be listed.  Subscribe to email and/or text calendar notifications by clicking on the Notify Me button above the calendar.
Cancellations and event notifications in real time directly to your devices. 
1) Sign up at
2) Pick which lists are important to you:  
a) Sports
b) Parks and Pool
c) Programs and Events
3) Update OFTEN. Sign in to to update your list preferences any time. (i.e. Is soccer season starting? Make sure you’re on our “sports” notification list.) Questions? or 540-372-1086

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