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Auxiliary Police

Auxiliary police officers are important for the overall operation of the regular police force. These volunteer officers are recruited, processed, trained, assigned duties, and are regulated pursuant to the policies, rules, regulations, and the general orders of the Police Department. City Code authorizes the Auxiliary Police as an entity of the Police Department.

All auxiliary officers are sworn officers certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Auxiliary officers provide a wide range of assistance to the Department, including criminal patrol, traffic control, event security, crime-scene investigation, special operations support and administrative support.

The Auxiliary Police force was originally established by City ordinance during the early years of World War II. At that time, the force was called the Fredericksburg Special Police. Primary objectives of the Special Police during that time were to assist the regular police force, supplement the Civil Defense (air-raid warden) program and assist the Virginia State Guard with war-time defense duties. After the end of World War II, the responsibilities of the Special Police slowly diminished, and their functions were reduced, more or less, to that of a social group that generally aided the regular police force in non-enforcement duties.

In recent years, state legislation, City ordinances and local directives have transformed this force into a fully trained and state-certified law enforcement entity. The Auxiliary Police are now an integrated unit of the Fredericksburg Police Department. The only recognizable similarity between the early Special Police and the Auxiliary Police force of today is the volunteer time and effort these individuals give in support of the regular police force and the community. The services provided by the Auxiliary Police have proven beneficial to the Police Department and in the day-to-day delivery of law-enforcement services.

Persons interested in the Auxiliary Police force must possess a valid DCJS Law Enforcement Officer Certification. While the position of Auxiliary is part-time, any initial training would require several weeks of full-time commitment. If you have any questions, please contact the recruiter: Sergeant Crystal Hill , or 540-372- 4262.

Auxiliary officers are required to provide an average of 20 hours of service per month each calendar year.