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Selection Process
The Fredericksburg Police Department is an equal-opportunity employer.

Written Exam
This element of the process is designed to measure essential job-related skills and knowledge and abilities identified in the job description for Police Officer, such as the ability to understand and carry out written instructions. The exam relates directly to a variety of police tasks and is based on data gathered from a comprehensive job analysis of law-enforcement agencies throughout the United States. The exam is designed to evaluate a candidate’s job-related skills regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or disability.

Candidates must achieve a score of 70 percent or higher in all three sections in order to advance to the next phase of the selection process. 

Calculators are allowed for the math portion of the exam. Any electronic device that can access the internet is not permitted at testing.

Study materials are available for you at your cost. To purchase the study materials, click here.   

Candidates who pass the written exam will take the physical agility test immediately afterward, weather permitting.

Physical Agility Test
This aspect of the application process measures stamina and cardiovascular fitness during the completion of various job-related physical activities. Applicants must successfully negotiate 13 obstacles in succession with a pass/fail time limit of 1 minute and 36 seconds. Applicants must complete all events in the specified sequence or they fail the course. Applicants who fail the course may retake it one time on the same day. Applicants should wear suitable athletic clothing and sports shoes (e.g. sneakers, coaching shoes) for the completion of the physical agility test. There will be a practice date offered to practice the physical agility test prior to the test date. Are you physically capable of becoming a police officer? Watch this video and decide for yourself! 

The polygraph is administered in order to determine the nature of any criminal activity, if any, in the candidate's background and to measure the candidate's honesty and integrity as they relate to essential job-related skills. A list of topics from which polygraph questions will be drawn will be provided to the candidate prior to the polygraph examination. Generally, the candidate will be questioned in the following relevant areas:

  • Accuracy of information relative to written applications and relevant documents.
  • Honesty, integrity and reliability.
  • Criminal history, either previously detected or undetected.
  • Traffic violation history, either previously detected or undetected.
  • Involvement with illegal drugs.

Candidates who have not been truthful or have engaged in previously undetected criminal activity (e.g., a felony or serious misdemeanor) are unlikely to receive further consideration. It is important to note, however, that the polygraph examination is used only as an investigative aid and is not the single determinant of employment status. An admission during pre-test, test, or post-test interviews, together with other information, may be sufficient to support decisions relevant to employment status.

Psychological Screening
The psychological evaluation is designed to screen for those applicants who do not meet the job-related psychological requirements for the position of Police Officer, such as an ability to make mature decisions, maintain emotional control under stress and to establish and maintain effective working relations with others. The psychological evaluation is developed, conducted, scored, and assessed by a licensed psychologist who has been retained by the Police Department.

Background Investigation
This stage of the application process seeks to verify the candidate's background information. The Police Department or a contractor investigator will be assigned to perform the background investigation and will verify information pertaining to the applicant’s driving record, credit history, any criminal history, social media, and verification of personal references. Police Department personnel will also take the candidate's fingerprints and photographs; the fingerprints will be transmitted to the Virginia Criminal Records Exchange to validate the existence (or lack thereof) of a criminal record, and the photographs will be placed in the applicant's file.

Senior Panel Interview
The Senior Panel Interview is intended to assess essential job-related skills, knowledge, and abilities identified in the job description for Police Officer, such as the ability to determine a proper course of action when faced with a dilemma, judgment in law enforcement scenarios, and the candidate's overall assertiveness. The Senior Review Panel will be comprised of the division commanders or their designees, and other staff appointed by the Chief of Police. The panel will review the candidate's performance and submit a recommendation to hire or reject directly to the Chief of Police.

Chief's Interview
This element of the process is designed to allow candidates to discuss their work experience, background information, and understanding of the role of Police Officer with the Chief of Police.

Medical Exam
The medical exam is designed to certify the general health of each candidate and screen for those applicants who cannot meet the medical standards for the position of Police Officer. All medical examinations and testing will be conducted by a licensed medical service provider who has been retained by the Police Department. The cost of the medical examination will be paid by the Police Department, but the costs of any additional medical testing, statements, or medical records will be the responsibility of the applicant. No candidate will be excluded from employment based solely on a disability. Candidates will be rated on a pass/fail basis in accordance with general health guidelines.

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