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Fredericksburg Fire Department is made up of three, 24-hour shifts and day staff EMS.  As with any department, each shift has its own unique characteristics.  Aside from providing emergency services, each shift has certain responsibilities to the Department.  When people are assigned to a shift it becomes their second home.  Our shift has been made up of many talented people with a wide range of expertise not limited to fire service.  In the pase 23 years, B-Shift has been lead by 4 very successful Shift Commanders (Battalion Chiefs).  These people have played a very important role in the Department's growth, and three of the four to this date have moved on to become Deptuy Chiefs.  We are happy to have one of our work his way through the ranks to Chief of the Department,
Past and Current Shift Commanders:

 Capt. Gerald Snellings Retired 2003 "Chief"
 Capt. Charles "Sam" Rollins Retired 2007 "Deputy Chief"
 Capt. D. Mark Bledsoe Retired 2012 "Deputy Chief"
 Battalion Chief Charles M. Sterne Retired 2018 "Battalion Chief"
Battalion Chief Calvin Balderson 2018 - Present

B-Shift is comprised of 16 people which cover two stations and staff four companies.

 Engine 1 Truck Company Engine 2  EMS Company
 Lt. Branden Robey Lt. Billy Sanford
Acting Capt. Anthony Durrett  Lt./Medic Patricia Derr
FF Warren Holden AIC
FF Anthony Martin FF Eric McDonnel
 FF/Medic Georgie Athenry
FF/Medic Robbie Belman
FF Brent Harris
FF Justin Weinmann
FF/EMT Paris Raines
FF Dylan Johns
FF Brad Houck


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Calvin Balderson
Battalion Chief

601 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Ph: 540-372-1019
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