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Buffett Pool Facility Rules
Swim Tests
In order to enter the square section of the pool, or go down the slide, ALL patrons ages 17 or younger, must first successfully complete our swim test.

As a matter of safety, the pool has a maximum number of patrons allowed in the pool area at a time. A sign will be posted when the pool is full, and as one person leaves, another may enter. Anyone who exits may not be able to return if we are at capacity.

No smoking permitted anywhere in the aquatic facility or immediately adjacent to the pool.

Food and Beverages
  • Coolers may be brought into the pool area, but food may be consumed in concession area only.
  • Glass bottles or alcoholic beverages are not permitted in or around the pool facility.
  • ALL food is to be consumed in concession area only.
  • ONLY closed container drinks will be allowed on the pool deck.
  • Concession area is for consuming food ONLY. Not a sitting area.
  • Failure to follow the rules is grounds for dismissal from the pool for the day, week, month or remainder of the season.

Chairs and Other Equipment
Folding chairs or umbrellas may be brought into pool area. The department will not be held responsible in any way for the operation of, damage to, or loss of such equipment.

Diaper Policy
Any child who wears a diaper must wear a "little swimmer" type of diaper with a bathing suit over it to go into the water.

Drop off Policy
Children 12-17 years may be admitted without supervision, provided they have passed our swim test.

Play Toys
Aquatic play items are permitted in pool at times. No motorized toys. However, lifeguard has the right to grant Permission based on the capacity and current situation in the pool. After a designated number of people in the pool, no play toys will be allowed. Water wings are not permitted in the pool. For your child's safety ONLY flotation devices that are Coast Guard Approved will be permitted in the pool.

Be advised that jewelry, especially piercings and dangling necklaces or earrings, is dangerous to wear while swimming.

Proper Bathing Attire
Anyone, even infants, who enters the pool, must be wearing proper bathing attire. No thongs or cut offs. T-shirts are permitted over an approved bathing suit. Questions about proper bathing attire may be addressed with pool manager on duty.

Bad Language
The use of foul language, obscenities or other vulgar or disrespectful language toward pool personnel or other patrons will not be permitted, and is cause for disciplinary action.

Any person that does not obey the above rules, or fails to follow directions from the lifeguards may be suspended.

NOTE: Final determination of suitability of toys or behaviors shall be made by pool management. Pool may be closed as needed for weather or other incidents at the discretion of the City of Fredericksburg.