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     Travis was born in Reedville, Virginia in 1971.  He was an only child, who spent much of his time around older people.  As a result of his environment he developed an early interest in local history.  At the age of 9, Travis began conducting his own genealogical research at the Northumberland Clerk’s Office.  He had several mentors that took him under his wing, and before long he could find anything in public records.  At the age of 12, his experience was rewarded when he became the youngest member of the Northumberland County Historical Society.

   At Northumberland High School, Travis was interested in two subjects- history and music.  He served as a Drum Major for three of his four years there.  Upon graduation, (tired of school and needing a lucrative occupation) Travis set his path to become a commercial maritime pilot in the local fishing industry.  This would have made him a fifth generation fisherman!  After a year and a half of work experience, he decided to further his education. Eventually, Travis became the first generation in his family to earn a Bachelor’s Degree (from Mary Washington College).

   Through the years (after high school), Travis worked as a haberdasher, and went in to retail management after finishing his degree.  Around 2007, Travis jumped back in to the wide world of history, first at James Madison’s Montpelier and later conducted primary research at George Washington’s Ferry Farm.  After Barry McGhee (founder of Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives) retired in 2014 and Travis took on the privilege to carry on Barry’s work.

   Travis lives in town with his wonderful wife Caren. Travis gives her all the credit for keeping everything (including him) together.  He has also spent many years (in many aspects) as a Freemason, another one of his lifelong passions.  He also collects antiques, books, and volunteers his historical and archiving services here in town, and for an organization of which he is a member in Pennsylvania.

   Travis’s co-workers had a few questions for him, as we wanted to get to know him a little better.  Here’s what we found out:

  We all know Travis loves tea and if he had to drink one tea for the rest of his life, it would be Earl Grey.  His favorite restaurant in town is Fahrenheit 132 and his favorite meal from his travels is pizza in Venice. If he had to choose a last meal, it would be pork medallions.   If he could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be Thomas Jefferson.  His favorite movie is, Gone With the Wind. When asked what his favorite childhood memory is, he stated searching for Indian arrowheads on the beach. 

   If Travis had the opportunity to go back in time, he would go straight to the Victorian Era because of their cool clothes.  If given the opportunity he would have tea with the Queen of England.  I bet they would have plenty to talk about, especially as Travis has worked with some very cool documents!  Documents that include the Executor’s Account of Estate of Augustine Washington (George’s Father), and Mary Washington’s will. 

  It is an absolute pleasure for us to work with Travis.  His passion for his job and his jovial demeanor make him one of our favorite coworkers. 

Letter: Local Circuit Court Internship is First Rate

First, I am grateful for the opportunity that I have had this summer to assist the Fredericksburg Circuit Court. I have gained practical skills that I have not had the privilege of learning anywhere else, such as contributing to long-term projects and insight into how our judiciary system functions.

I firmly believe students need to be engaged in their communities. Students also need to acclimate to the workplace and learn how to interact with others in a professional manner.  This internship is certainly designed for interns to have those experiences. The Fredericksburg Circuit Court is distinctly different from any other internship I have done. The workplace is inviting, friendly and oriented to serve the public effectively. The staff is incredibly helpful and takes the time to be engaged with the interns.

The leadership within the Circuit Court of Fredericksburg is phenomenal. The employees and staff contribute to the great working environment that I have found this summer. I hope future interns have the same appreciation for their experiences. The city of Fredericksburg should be proud of its judiciary system and its community

Thank you,

Allison Criss, Spotsylvania


The Clerk of the Circuit Court is one of five constitutional officers elected by citizens of Fredericksburg. In Virginia, the office dates from 1619. The Code of Virginia provides for over 800 responsibilities for the Clerk of the Circuit Court, but his or her chief responsibilities include serving as recorder of deeds, deciding certain issues of probate, issuing marriage licenses, creating court records, and certifying and archiving all records of the Circuit Courts and other records as provided by law. Fredericksburg's current Clerk of the Circuit Court, Jeff Small, was elected in 2011.


The Circuit Court of the City of Fredericksburg is the City's court of general jurisdiction, established by the General Assembly of Virginia. Its primary mission is to provide an effective, efficient, fair and open forum for adjudication, under the law, of every sort of civil and criminal controversy that can be decided in the courts of the City of Fredericksburg.

The Clerk's office cannot help you with preparing or correcting your file. It is illegal.  Va. Code 19.2-392.2

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