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Explanation of Parking Permits:  

  • Blue- Issued to downtown residents who are impacted by the Commuter Rail Station, north of Lafayette Blvd. 
  • Green- Issued to University of Mary Washington students who live on streets that are posted with signs that read, “No UMW Parking”, but that are not posted with signs that read, “Resident Permit Parking Only”.
  • Red- Issued to residents who live in areas impacted by the Commuter Rail Station, south of Lafayette Blvd. 
  • Yellow- Issued to residents, including University of Mary Washington students, who live in College Heights and College Terrace and whose streets are posted with signs that read, “Resident Permit Parking Only”.
  • Visitor Parking Permits- Issued, two per household, to residents of the Blue, Red, and Yellow parking zones.

A parking permit issued to a property owner will not expire. Parking permits issued to non-owners will expire at the conclusion of your rental agreement.

Documents Required to Obtain a New Parking Permit:

  • Yellow, Red, and Blue- Residents are required to present their driver’s license and vehicle registration. Unless the applicant owns the property for which the permit is being requested, the applicant must also present a valid rental agreement to prove residency. Active military or others who are exempt from driver’s license or vehicle registration regulations will need to present proof of residency, such as a deed, lease, or current utility bill.
  • Green- Students are required to present a University of Mary Washington student ID card, vehicle registration, and a valid rental agreement.

Where to Obtain a New Parking Permit:

Parking Permits must be prominently displayed on the rear bumper of the vehicle to avoid the issuance of a parking citation. Display of a Parking Permit will also allow the vehicle to be parked in the VRE parking lots that are restricted to residents of the City of Fredericksburg. For citizens who are not eligible for a parking permit but still wish to park in the City restricted VRE lots, please visit City Hall and request a City decal. A $2 fee will be charged for a City decal. 

Visitor Parking Permits must be displayed on the vehicle’s rear-view mirror to avoid the issuance of a parking citation.

Contractor Parking Permits:

Section 16-32B of the City Code of Fredericksburg, Virginia allows that, "A licensed contractor, engaged in construction of a building adjacent to the public right-of-way, may park one (1) vehicle in front of the site for extended periods of time beyond the established time limit, provided the contractor has prior written approval from the Chief of Police and the City Manager. 
The Contractor's Parking Permit can run for no more than thirty (30) days at a time". Please submit completed forms to the Records Section at the Police Department or via email to .

Please direct parking related questions to the Records Section at (540) 372-1165.

Parking Action Plan Approved on August 8, 2017:

City Staff will now begin active implementation of the Plan. One of the most noticeable of the actions to be taken in the short term in the Historic Downtown is the lengthening of the two hour parking restrictions on many streets. In those areas where the two hour parking is in place, the restriction will now be in effect Monday through Saturday, 8 am - 7 pm. For more details please click here.