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Crisis Negotiation
The Fredericksburg Police Department maintains a Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) that is trained and equipped to respond to crisis situations. The team uses proven negotiation tactics to confront individuals in stronghold or barricade positions, whether or not they hold hostages. A stronghold or barricade situation is generally classified as any instance where an individual(s) is armed with a weapon and threatening his own life and/or the lives of others and where it is determined that approaching the subject physically would present an undue danger to officers as well as to the citizens and suspect(s) involved.

Once this determination is made, the CNT and Special Equipment Tactical Team (SETT) are jointly activated. Upon arrival, the CNT attempts to establish verbal contact with the suspect(s) and talk the situation through to a peaceful resolution. The team uses a variety of techniques gleaned from formal training with the FBI's Crisis Negotiation Unit in Quantico, Va. Each member of the Fredericksburg Police Department's CNT completes an intensive week-long training program with FBI CNU instructors and continues that education throughout his or her career. The CNT trains regularly with the SETT using role players and real-life scenarios. During actual crisis events, both teams deploy and work in unison under a single command in order to exact the most peaceful resolution possible for all parties involved.

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