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Towing & Recovery Board
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Three Members. One member should be a Law Enforcement Representative, one a licensed towing and recovery operator, and one a citizen representative. Members shall be appointed for two years.  The current members of the board are as follows:
  • Sergeant Scott Worley
    Fredericksburg Police Department
  • Meghan Kerlavage
    Manager for the Donaldson Properties 
  • Michael Powell
    Michael’s Towing 

The purpose and duties of the Towing and Recovery Advisory Board is to study the governing practices of towing and recovery services rendered pursuant to police towing requests, make recommendations to the city council and police department regarding adoption or amendment of any ordinances, regulations, or contracts pertaining to same, and to hear appeals and complaints arising out of police towing requests. (Fredericksburg City Code 10-431)

Tow List
The rotating tow list consists of the following licensed operators:

  Atkinson's Towing  Michael's Towing and Recovery
  Coleman Motors  North Star Towing and Recovery
  Cooper's Towing  Pitt's Chevron
  Frog Towed  Shanks Towing
  Merryman's Service Center  Sullivan's Towing and Recovery

Towing Complaints
Complaints stemming from police directed tows or violations of City ordinances regulating private property towing  can be made by contacting the Police Department at (540) 373-3122 or Captain Brian Layton at (540) 654-5737.

Complaints involving towing from private property may also be filed with the Virginia Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Section

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