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A Message from your Commonwealth's Attorney
Photo of Labravia Jenkins

Our goal in the Fredericksburg Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is to keep our city safe by prosecuting offenders in court. We could not accomplish that goal without the cooperation of the victims and witnesses of crime. 

You are the key to successful prosecutions, and ultimately to maintaining a healthy, safe and happy community. As your Commonwealth’s Attorney, I am committed to doing my utmost to provide you with the tools needed to help you navigate the criminal justice system with confidence. 

The Fredericksburg Victim Witness Assistance Program is designed for that purpose and no other. Our Victim Advocates do all they can to provide accurate information about court cases, encourage victims to share the impact that a crime has had on their lives, and offer helpful contacts when additional assistance is needed. Quite simply, they help our witnesses unravel the often baffling intricacies of our court system, beginning with this helpful brochure. 

Best regards, 
La Bravia Jenkins

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