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Clean and Green Commission News

The Clean and Green Commission supported the litter clean up efforts of 25 Colonial Forge students who cleaned up the quarry trails, Ficklen Island, Hospital wetlands, and Heritage Trail.

Colonial Forge Clean Up -2.jpgColonial Forge Clean Up 1 (2).jpg

Simple things can make a big impact: Trash-talking forum focuses on paring garbage
(Free Lance Star 11/15/17)

Fredericksburg Farmer's Market Community Day
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Fredericksburg Officer Has Offenders Clean Island, Not Pay Fines

Lower Income Solar initiative: DOE Sun Shot grant!

Fredericksburg Eyes Offering Tax Exemption, Credit for Solar Power
 (Free Lance Star 4/26/17)

Rappahannock Gets "Clean and Green" River Cleanup
Walker-Grant Middle School students Ana Heller and Clare Kingsley produced this video to encourage increased recycling in City Schools.

Rappahannock River Cleanup Sunday, March 12 click here  to volunteer and for more information.

View the Fredericksburg Doggie Station Map
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Fredericksburg City Clean and Green Commission Holds Campaign to Clean Up Cigarette Butts 
 (Free Lance Star 11/2/16)

Tree Fredericksburg and Hugh Mercer Partner to Create Patriot Park (Fredericksburg Today 11/30/16)

City Expands Materials Accepted in Curbside Recycling

Letter to Editor, November 5, 2016
letter to editor_thumb.jpg

The Clean and Green Commission and Friends of the Rappahannock partnered with the Fredericksburg Police Department on Nov 3, 2016, to pick up cigarette butts and other litter downtown as part of the Fall Butts are Litter Too Campaign.
c-g butt pick up_thumb.jpg

The Clean and Green Commission partnered with Friends of the Rappahannock for a "Butts are Litter Too" Clean Up on October 25, 2016. Old Mill Park, Ficklen Island, the Heritage Trail, City Dock, and the VRE Commuter Lots were targeted for this event. Thanks to all volunteers who participated!
c-g butts photo 0_thumb_thumb.jpg

c-g butts photo 0_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg

Help Keep Butts off the City Streets (Free Lance Star 10/27/16)

The work of the Fredericksburg Clean and Green Commission: Joni Wilson, Bryan Hoffman, Michelle Crow-Dolby, Julie Williams-Daves


Community Cleanup Day 2016
Community Cleanup Day 2016

Six Controversial Fredericksburg Trees Transplanted to Park
Six Controversial Fredericksburg Trees Transplanted to Park (Free Lance-Star, 10/26/16)

"This is Fredericksburg - The Environment"
"This is Fredericksburg-The Environment" Video

Hurkamp Park Community Day

On September 3 the Clean and Green Commission manned a booth at Hurkamp Park's Community Day.


Fredericksburg City Council approves tweaks to controversial Washington Avenue mall tree-planting plan (Free Lance Star, 7/12/16) (Free Lance Star, 6/26/16)

Fredericksburg Task Force Recommends Tweaks to Washington Avenue Mall Landscaping Plan (Free Lance-Star, 6/7/16)

A $2,500 fine?  Fredericksburg stiffens littering law (Free Lance-Star, 9/23/2015)

Town Talk Radio Show
:  November 2, 2015

Joni Wilson, Ann Little, Bryan Hoffman and Michelle Crow-Dolby talk about the Fredericksburg Clean and Green Commission, the cigarette butt campaign and the new city litter ordinance.


New sign promotes education and responsibility

The Clean and Green Commission sponsored this new educational a-frame sign that will be moving around to different city 
locations in an effort to educate the public about the new litter ordinance and proper way to dispose of pet waste, trash, and cigarette butts.

New Sign

Tree plantings just part of beautifying Fredericksburg:  Urban environment part of keeping city clean and green 
(Free Lance-Star, 5/22/2016)

A $2,500 fine?  Fredericksburg stiffens littering law (Free Lance-Star, 9/23/2015)


A $2,500 fine?  Fredericksburg stiffens littering law (Free Lance-Star, 9/23/2015)


Fredericksburg Seal Intranet Access