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City Employee Storm Preparation and Information

In anticipation of the pending threat of Hurricane Florence to the Commonwealth, and the possibility that lines of communication may go down as a result of the storm, we are creating this page to enable City management and Emergency Operations personnel to communication with City staff in the event email is temporarily disrupted. Please save the link for this page and check back here often for updates. Information regarding Hurricane Preparedness can be found here. Stay safe.

We need to keep in mind that there will probably be a Federal Declaration of Emergency. Due to this declaration, staff needs to be accountable of our time keeping, equipment usage, project locations, and contractors. FEMA has particular guidelines regarding how we document the expenditures we incur during our response to events.

Additionally, we are usually expected to submit an estimate of expenditures based on the area of operations, along with damage estimates to public infrastructure within 24 hours post event. FEMA breaks each type of work in to one of the following categories:

Emergency Work

A – Debris removal

B – Emergency protective measures (Almost all 911 Response)

Permanent Work (Mostly damages to public infrastructure)

C – Roads/Bridges

D – Water control facilities

E – Buildings/Equipment

F – Utilities

G – Parks, recreational, and other facilities

We must document everything, the more detail the better. Below are some specific examples:

  • Employee Time
    • This should be documented for all staff working during the event.
    • Separation between regular and overtime should be detailed; with the start and finish time for both.
    • What the employee did during their time. In most cases the more specific the better to paint the picture of how it related to the incident.
    • This time includes volunteers, as we can claim volunteer staff at an identified rate when they work for the Government (i.e. Auxiliary Police Officers and Deputies, or Rescue Squad Members)

  • Vehicle usage
    • FEMA is pretty particular on how this is reimbursed, but they need to know the vehicle make, model, and VIN at a minimum in most cases.
    • They also need a detailed record of what the vehicle was used for, hours it was used, and where.
    • Also, don’t forget to identify who operated the vehicle during that time.

  • Equipment Usage
    • Just like vehicles we need to document the piece of equipment by type, make, model, and serial number. They may want other info, but that can usually be identified by the serial number.
    • They need a detailed record of what and where it was used; and they pay by the hour so a record what hours it was used.
    • Also, just like vehicles, don’t forget to identify who operated it

  • Contractors
    • In most cases they will pay for contractors, but they are responsible to be documented in a similar fashion to ensure work.
    • Locations and time at those locations is necessary.
    • Tickets identifying the weight of debris or cubic yards are a must.
    • FEMA has a document detailing the methods that are acceptable on their website.
    • They prefer a City staff member be assigned to each crew to attest the work was done and measured appropriately.
    • A copy of the contract will need to be submitted as well.

  • Equipment rental
    • This can be covered, but must be documented just like other equipment, along with the invoice for the rental.
    • We will need to document a needs justification for the rental to the incident.

  • Any other work or purchases
    • Document with as much detail as possible.
    • Save receipts/invoices and make an additional copy for Emergency Management
    • Think everything
      • Food
      • Lodging
      • Tools
      • Whatever it is…
Every expenditure in preparation for, response to, and recovery from should be documented in as much detail as possible. Emergency Management, VDEM, and FEMA will determine what is eligible or not when processing for possible reimbursement through the Public Assistance process.

The documents below are published on FEMAs site and may aid in this process, and they seem pretty self-explanatory. The last form found below is the City Vehicle and Equipment Tracking Form that I have created for you to use as well. If you have any questions or need assistance identifying how to document please feel free to reach out to me. I want to ensure we capture as much as we possibly can. I will need a quick estimate from every department, public schools, and the University of Mary Washington as soon as possible after the storm to ensure our inclusion in the process of reimbursement, if it truly is presented.

Schedule of Equipment Rates

Force Account Labor Summary

Schedule of Equipment Rates

Rented Equipment Summary Record

Contract Work Summary Record

Force Account Equipment Summary Record

Applicant's Benefits Calculation Worksheet

City Vehicle and Equipment Tracking Form

Document everything. When in doubt, document and submit. Thank you all…

Victor T. Podbielski, BS, NRP

Captain / Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator

Fredericksburg Fire Department

601 Caroline Street, Suite 700

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

O: (540) 372-1059

F: (540) 372-1050

C: (540) 840-5770