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1. What is the price per car to enter Old Mill Park?
2. What is the price per walk-in visitor to enter Old Mill Park?
3. What zip codes are eligible for free admission?
4. Is there be a military discount or a senior’s discount?
5. What are the hours in which Old Mill Park will have an entrance fee?
6. What if I am attending a scheduled event, have rented a shelter or grounds?
7. Will the playground parking lot be available for regular parking?
8. Will the indoor bathroom facilities be available to people walking the trail and simply needing to use the restroom?
9. What age of people who are not City of Fredericksburg or Stafford County residents will be charged the $5/person walk-in fee?
10. How are staff verifying if a park visitor is a resident of the City of Fredericksburg or Stafford County?
11. What is the method of payment park visitors will use to enter into the park?
12. What is the purpose of the Old Mill Park Entrance Fee pilot program?
13. Was this pilot entrance fee program approved by City Council?
14. Will City Resident Parking Only remain?
15. Will there be an entrance fee in 2023 and future years?
16. Where will the revenue generated from this new program be used?
17. How can I learn more about Old Mill Park and the entrance fee program?