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Motts Run Nature Center


  1. Hands-on Nature Displays
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  3. Porta Johns
Manned by volunteers, this beautiful one-room log cabin features hands-on nature displays, our resident snake "Pocket" and information that the whole family will enjoy. Looking for a fun family day? Visit our Nature Center and then head off on one of the hiking trails or grab a picnic table for your family lunch. The Nature Center is free to the public during regular open hours:
April through October: Open Saturdays and Sundays from noon - 5 pm

November through March: Closed for winter but is still used for Parks & Recreation Nature programs (register for these at Parks & Recreation office).

Motts Run Orienteering Trails

Click below for maps of the trails:

The Figure Eight                             The Hook
The Four Corners                           The Horn
The Grand Loop                             The Rounds
The Gully                                        The Trio