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Expression of Speech Event Application (Spontaneous Event)

  1. Expression of Speech Event Application (Spontaneous Event)
  2. Submission of an application is not a guarantee of approval

    The City of Fredericksburg works to keep the city safe for peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment right, while also protecting our citizens and property. The City requests all who plan to lawfully assemble in the City of Fredericksburg to apply for an event permit as provided in City Code 66-48.

    We strongly encourage you to create an account. Once you login and start the application there will be a save progress button at the top of the page. Please save the document often. This will allow you to save your document and make changes at a later date. To prevent possible loss of data, please turn off your pop-up blocker in your browser.

    Application deadlines: Expressive activities require a 48 hour advance application.

  3. Please note:

    The information requested in this application form will be used to determine eligibility for approval for the event requested. Completed forms may be released upon the request of any citizen, as provided by the Freedom of Information Act. Please note there may be other applications and forms you will need to complete for your event but completion of this application is mandatory for ALL events. Any misrepresentation in this application or deviation from the final permit conditions may result in immediate revocation of the permit, the halting of the event, and possible loss of privilege to host events in the future.

  4. Event Information

    Please answer ALL questions, indicating Not Applicable if the question does not apply. There may be several sections that may not be applicable to your assembly.

  5. Is this a first-time event?
  6. Are you 18 years of age or older?
  7. Are you representing yourself?
  8. Are you representing a For-Profit Business?
  9. Are you representing an organization?
  10. Is it a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status?
  11. About the Event
  12. This event is a . . .

    Please check all that apply.

  13. The event is . . .
  14. The event will be hosted on . . .
  15. If a street closure is requested, please note the closure request and cite the requested closure times.
  16. File Upload
    To minimize the possibility of lost data, please ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection before attempting to upload a file.
  17. Include location of structures, barricades, generators, restroom facilities, etc.
  18. Please note the range of TOTAL anticipated attendees (including spectators and participants)
  19. Logistics
  20. Please indicate any of these event activities and equipment.
    Check all that apply.
  21. Parade, Run, Walk, Autoprocession, Protest or Demonstration
  22. Tents, Bleachers and Stages

    If this section does not apply to your event, please skip to the next section.

  23. Please note all tents over 900 square feet, bleachers, stages, moon bounces or mechanical amusement devices must be inspected prior to the event and additional forms and a permit request will be required.
  24. TENTS:
    Please give an overview of your tent plan. List the type of tent (by Code), number, and size(s) of tents to be erected.

    Tent Codes: C - Cooking underneath; GA - General Assembly (requires floor plan showing exits); S - Sales of food, products, etc.
  25. Additional Information
  26. Additional Information
  27. STAGE:
  28. Restrooms, Recycling, and Waste Disposal
  29. Please note you will be required to submit a detailed Trash and Recycling plan.
    You are required to dispose of all trash and recycling generated from your event unless other arrangements have been made with city staff.
  30. Are you using a waste hauler for event trash disposal?
    1. Will you be placing extra trash containers for the event?
    2. Will you be using portable restrooms?
    3. Wash Station?
    4. Please list the number and locations of portable restrooms, including ADA accessible (and indicate this information on your site map).
    5. Medical and Emergency Plan
    6. If Emergency Medical Support or Fire resources are required and the organizer is listing a resource to provide this care, documentation to support this resource must be included for approval. This documentation should be on the provider's resource letterhead and include, at a minimum, the following:

      a. On letterhead from organization or company supplying EMS or Fire
      b. How many transport units or fire units
      c. Level of care (ALS or BLS)
      d. Bikes or mobile units (bikes, gators, on foot); How many and level of care
      e. Dates that they will provide service
      f. Times that they will provide service (arrival and departure times)
    7. File Upload
      To minimize the possibility of lost data, please ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection before attempting to upload a file.
    8. Banners and Signs

      Are you planning to install banners or temporary signs? (These are different from signs that are carried.) If this section does not apply to your event, please skip to the next section.

    9. Temporary signs not exceeding 50% of the aggregate area of sign display allowed on any privately owned site in that district shall be permitted for the purpose of announcing a campaign, drive or event of a civic, philanthropic, fraternal, religious, or educational organization. No such sign shall be displayed in any R (residential) district except on immediate site of the event to which it pertains. Such sign may be maintained for a period not to exceed one month and shall be removed within 5 days after the event to which it pertains.
    10. Please provide an overview of your banner and signs plan. List number, location and type as indicated:
      Location of Banner/Signs Codes:
      ES-within event site; CL-City banner sites (with approval)

      Type of Banner/Signs Codes:
      DI-directional/informational; SP-Sponsor Recognition; OT-Other
    11. Parking and Transportation
    12. Please note that special parking permits and signage may be required.
    13. How will people get to/from event?
    14. Where will the event attendees/participants park?
    15. Will you require special parking? (RVs, trailers, support vehicles)
    16. Americans with Disabilities Act
    17. Public events must comply with ADA requirements. Please indicate which of the following you will have at your event.
    18. On-Site Communications (During Event)
    19. *** Submission of an application is not a guarantee of approval. ***

    20. Hold Harmless Clause
    21. Permittee (applicant/organization) shall assume all risk incidents to, or in connection with, the permitted activity and shall be solely responsible for damage or injury, of whatever kind or nature, to person or property, directly or indirectly arising out of, or in connection with, the permitted activity or the conduct of permittee's operation. Permittee hereby expressly agrees to defend and save the City, its officers, agents, employees, and representatives harmless from any penalties for violation of any law, ordinance, or regulation affecting its activity and from any and all claims, suit losses, damages or injuries directly or indirectly arising out of, or in connection with, the permitted activities or conduct of its operation or resulting from the negligence or intentional acts of omissions of permittee or its officers, agents and employees.
    22. Applicant's Signature*
      I understand that checking the box below is the equivalent of signing my name.
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