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City of Fredericksburg / Incentive Application

  1. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Department of Economic Development and Tourism prior to submitting this application by calling (540) 372-1216 or emailing the Economic Development Director, Bill Freehling.
  2. Applicant/Company Information
  3. Project Information
  4. Description of business:
    - Describe the business' history, including activities, products, services, etc.
    - Describe the operation and/or financial relationships with any parent or subsidiary, and describe any changes in ownership that may occur as a result of this project.
    - Revenue projections for the term.
  5. Describe project in detail and answer the following questions:
    - Is this a new facility/site, expansion, and/or acquisition?
    - Will the business purchase, lease, or construct the facility? (Include square footage of facility and acreage of site.)
    - What type of operation is this?
    - What is the primary product or service to be provided at this site?
    - Initial full-time and part-time employees and projections for the term.
  6. Applicants Signature: I understand that checking the box below is the equivalent of signing my name.*
  7. We strive to keep information about your business and its desire to locate to the City of Fredericksburg CONFIDENTIAL. If you announce your intentions to any other parties outside of the Office of Economic Development, we will not be able to discuss your incentive request with City Council in closed session. Please advise us if you have spoken to other City officials or departments about your intentions and if you have filed any applications or permits.
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