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Downtown Commercial Building Facade Improvement Program Grant Application

  1. FEDA Image

  2. Amy Peregoy
    Economic Development Specialist
    Email Ms. Peregoy or call (540) 372-1216

    Eligible properties include commercial buildings in the Historic District and along William Street up to and including the 600 block (Barton Street). Architectural Review Board approval is required for most improvements and changes in the Historic District.

  3. EDA Grant Committee
    City of Fredericksburg
    c/o Department of Economic Development and Tourism
    706 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg VA 22401

  4. (Or Cost of Design-Only Services)

  5. (Maximum Grant is $10,000)

  6. I understand that in order for my request for a façade improvement grant to be approved, I must follow the Facade Improvement Criteria (please see link below). I also understand that monies are granted on a reimbursement basis following completion of work and inspection by the EDA. I also understand that any changes made to the project after the grant approval which have not been approved by the EDA will not be eligible for funding and may disqualify the entire project for the grant funding.

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