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Probate / Qualification Instructions

  1. Please list the following information for the applicant or the person making the request.

  2. Please list the easiest number where you can be reached.

  3. Please list the following information for the Decedent.

  4. County/City of death

  5. List the total value of Personal assets that was in the decedent's name only at the time of his/her death.

  6. List the total value of all real estate that was solely in the decedent's name. Do not include property that was held jointly with the right of survivorship.

  7. Heirs at law are required to be listed. The heirs at law are next of kin according to 64.2-200 and do not necessarily inherit under the will. If you have any questions please refer to Qualification Instruction #2 or code 64.2-200.

  8. At time of death

  9. At time of death

  10. At time of death

  11. At time of death

  12. Please submit the appointment time and date you would like and the Clerk will call or email as soon as possible.

  13. You can select a specific time or select a specific range of time you may be available for an appointment.

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