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Chicken Permit Application

  1. (First-time applicants only. See Fredericksburg City Code § 14-231.)

    1. 1. No more than four chickens shall be kept on any residential lot.
    2. 2. No person shall keep any rooster.
    3. 3. This permit does not allow a holder to sell eggs or slaughter chickens.
    4. 4. The chickens shall be provided with a clean, covered, well-ventilated enclosure that is secure from predators.
    5. 5. The chickens must be kept in the covered enclosure or within a fenced area at all times.
    6. 6. No enclosure shall be located closer than twenty feet to a side yard line and five feet to a rear lot line.
    7. 7. No enclosure shall be located closer than twenty five feet to any occupied residential structure.

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