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Commonwealth’s Attorney

  1. Commonwealth's Attorney Speaking Engagement Request Form

    The Commonwealth’s Attorney's Office provides speakers for schools, civic groups, and other events on the role of the Commonwealth's... More…

  1. Contact Us - Elizabeth K. Humphries, Commonwealth's Attorney

Community Planning and Building

  1. Contact Us - Charles R. Johnston, Community Planning and Building Director
  2. Contact Us - Development Administrator & Code Enforcement Officer
  3. Contact Us - Michael Craig, Principal Planner
  4. Parking Survey for Fredericksburg City Staff

    The City is conducting a comprehensive study of City parking, which we recognize includes City staff parking needs. To help analyze... More…

  1. Contact Us - Community Development Planner
  2. Contact Us - Historic Resources Planner
  3. Contact Us - Zoning Administrator

Human Resources

  1. City of Fredericksburg Application for Employment
  2. Contact Us - HR Specialist
  3. Diversity & Inclusion Training Request

    This form is to be used for offices, departments, organizations, and individuals to request a Diversity Education Workshop.

  4. Question, Suggestion, or Concern?

    If you would like to submit your question, suggestion, or concern anonymously do not add your name or email address.

  1. Contact Us - HR Assistant
  2. Contact Us - Lesley Moore, Human Resources Director
  3. Exit Interview
  4. You are almost done with your application.

Police Department

  1. Citizen Advisory Panel Application
  2. Contact Us - Patrol Division
  3. Contact Us - Recruiting
  4. Contact Us - Watershed Prop Manager
  5. Fredericksburg Police Department Quality Control Survey
  6. Vacation Watch

    "The City of Fredericksburg serves all businesses and residences within the 22401 zip code and approximately 100 businesses and... More…

  1. Contact Us - Accreditation
  2. Contact Us - Public Information
  3. Contact Us - Traffic Division
  4. CRASE Form

    Citizen Response to Active Shooter Events

  5. Fredericksburg Youth Academy

    Fredericksburg Youth Academy participant application.

  6. Women-Only Self-Defense Class

    The Women-Only Self-Defense course focuses on physical defense and ways to avoid potential attacks. Participants will learn the proper... More…


  1. Contact Us - Jamie Jackson, Director of Public Transit
  2. Route Deviation Request Form

    Customers who have submitted a request for eligibility of route deviation services and who have been approved by Fredericksburg... More…

  3. Smart Benefits Customer Information Form

    Customer Information Form for the use of Smart Benefits to pay for FRED Transit VRE Feeder Bus Service.

  1. Customer Service: Contact Us

    Customer Service form where customers can contact FRED staff.

  2. Smart Benefits Customer Information Form

    Customer Information Form for the use of Smart Benefits to pay for FRED Transit VRE Feeder Bus Service.