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Commonwealth’s Attorney

  1. Commonwealth's Attorney Speaking Engagement Request Form

    The Commonwealth’s Attorney's Office provides speakers for schools, civic groups, and other events on the role of the Commonwealth's... More…

  1. Contact Us - La Bravia J. Jenkins, Commonwealth's Attorney

Community Planning and Building

  1. Contact Us - Charles R. Johnston, Community Planning and Building Director
  2. Contact Us - Deputy Director for Planning Services Division & Senior Planner
  3. Contact Us - Historic Resources Planner
  4. Parking Survey for Fredericksburg City Staff

    The City is conducting a comprehensive study of City parking, which we recognize includes City staff parking needs. To help analyze... More…

  1. Contact Us - Community Development Planner
  2. Contact Us - Development Administrator & Code Enforcement Officer
  3. Contact Us - Zoning Administrator
  4. Water Quality Impact Assessment (WQIA)

Police Department

  1. Contact Us - Accreditation
  2. Contact Us - Patrol Division
  3. Contact Us - Recruiting
  4. Contact Us - Traffic Division
  5. Fredericksburg Police Department Quality Control Survey
  1. Contact Us - David W. Nye, Police Chief
  2. Contact Us - Public Information
  3. Contact Us - Sergeant Gentry
  4. Contact Us - Watershed Prop Manager
  5. Vacation Watch

    "The City of Fredericksburg serves all businesses and residences within the 22401 zip code and approximately 100 businesses and... More…

Voter Registrar

  1. Application to Serve as Officer of Election

    This is an application to serve as an Officer of Election for the City of Fredericksburg. An Officer of Election serves at polling... More…

  1. Contact Us - Marc C. Hoffman, Director of Elections