Is a resource family the same as a foster family?
Yes and no. All of our Resource Families are trained to become foster-to-adopt families. Both a Resource Family and a foster family provide temporary substitute care for children who cannot remain in their homes. The ultimate goal is always to find permanency for a child. The goal of reunifying a child with birth parents or prior custodian is, in most cases the best plan for a child. If it is determined that it is not likely that the child can be returned to his or her prior family within a reasonable amount of time, then other opportunities are explored. These include placing the child with relatives for either adoption or custody transfer or if those are not viable options, adoption by a non-relative. Because Resource Families are trained to be foster-to-adopt families, a foster placement has potential to become an adoptive placement.

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10. Is a resource family the same as a foster family?
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