Where do I go to get a building permit?
Contact the Building Services Division at (540) 372-1080.Building and Development Services Department

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1. How do I know if a piece of property is within the City limits?
2. What is the real estate tax rate?
3. Where can I find out how much I paid in real estate taxes on my property?
4. Where can I find out how my property is assessed?
5. Why did I receive a supplemental real estate tax bill?
6. Where can I get a copy of a survey of my property?
7. Where are the maps of all the tax parcels in the City of Fredericksburg located?
8. How do I find out the current owner of a piece of property?
9. My spouse recently passed away. How do I remove his/her name from the bill?
10. How do I find out what the assessment was on my house when I purchased it over 10 years ago?
11. I recently paid off my mortgage. Is there anything I need to do?
12. How do I find out about any easements or right-of-ways on my property?
13. How can I determine the zoning on a property and if I can build on the land?
14. Where do I go to get a building permit?
15. Does the City offer a tax break for rehabilitating historic properties?