Police Department


2200 Cowan Boulevard
Fredericksburg, VA 22401



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Records and Administration Hours
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Evidence Hours
7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Name Title Email Phone
Layton, Brian Chief of Police 540-654-5737
Reed, Patrick Captain, Services Division 540-654-5768
Cowles, Rashawn Lieutenant, Professional Standards & Accreditation 540-654-5757
Kuebler, Jim Lieutenant/Manager of 911 Center 540-654-5794
Mason, Betsy Captain, Detective Division 540-654-5934
Presutto, Mike Captain, Patrol Division 540-654-5916
Athenry, Mike Lieutenant, Patrol Division 540-654-5732
Hill, Crystal Lieutenant, Patrol Division 540-372-4262
Johnson, Ben Sergeant, Detective Division 540-654-5792
Lynch, Aimee Sergeant, Community Services Section 540-654-5788
Merrell, Ryan Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-654-5930
Pitts, Jason Lieutenant, Patrol Division 540-654-5718
Reyes, Chris Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-372-4261
Worley, Scott Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-372-4266
Young, Joe Watershed Manager 540-372-4268
Dooley, Paul Lieutenant, Patrol Division 540-654-5717
Dinsmore, Patricia Communications Supervisor 540-373-3122 option 2
Markey, Samantha Communications Supervisor 540-373-3122 opt 2
Lambert, Michelle Communications Supervisor 540-373-3122 opt 2
Skinner, Linda Communications Supervisor 540-373-3122 opt 2
Morris, Sarah Public Information Officer 540-614-2317
Gibson, Kristina Training Manager & Budget Officer 540-654-5739
Beckett, Meredith Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Carr, James Police Officer, K-9 Unit 540-654-5729
Chewning, Paul Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-654-5766
Stone, MJ Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Brown-Kaleopaa, Uyuree School Resource Officer 540-642-3573
Pcsolinski, PJ Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Menck, Chris Sergeant, Services Division 540-654-5929
Monahan, Stephen Community Police Officer, Downtown District 540-395-9828
Moore, Jen Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-654-5935
Pearce, Katie Sergeant, Detective Division 540-654-5762
Thomas, Joye Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Porter, Joe Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-654-5945
Peebles, Amber Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Catlett, Marci Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Johnson, Sabrina Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Gantt, Kenneth Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Tiernan, Christopher Police Officer, Traffic Unit 540-654-5708
Wagner, Nick Police Officer, Traffic Unit 540-654-5791
Bailey, Matthew Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Sehl, Donna Evidence Clerk 540-654-5747