Police Department


2200 Cowan Boulevard
Fredericksburg, VA 22401



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Records and Administration Hours
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Evidence Hours
7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Name Title Email Phone
Layton, Brian Chief of Police 540-654-5737
Reed, Patrick Captain, Services Division 540-654-5768
Cowles, Rashawn Lieutenant, Professional Standards & Accreditation 540-654-5757
Kuebler, Jim Lieutenant/Manager of 911 Center 540-654-5794
Lynch, Josh Lieutenant, Patrol Division 540-654-5932
Mason, Betsy Captain, Detective Division 540-654-5934
Presutto, Mike Captain, Patrol Division 540-654-5916
Reilly, Dave Lieutenant, Patrol Division 540-654-5918
Athenry, Mike Lieutenant, Patrol Division 540-654-5732
Hill, Crystal Lieutenant, Patrol Division 540-372-4262
Johnson, Ben Sergeant, Detective Division 540-654-5792
Lynch, Aimee Sergeant, Community Services Section 540-654-5788
Merrell, Ryan Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-654-5930
Pitts, Jason Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-654-5718
Reyes, Chris Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-372-4261
Worley, Scott Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-372-4266
Young, Joe Watershed Manager 540-372-4268
Dooley, Paul Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-654-5717
Dinsmore, Patricia Communications Supervisor 540-373-3122 option 2
Markey, Samantha Communications Supervisor 540-373-3122 opt 2
Lambert, Michelle Communications Supervisor 540-373-3122 opt 2
Skinner, Linda Communications Supervisor 540-373-3122 opt 2
Morris, Sarah Public Information Officer 540-654-5701
Gibson, Kristina Training Manager & Budget Officer 540-654-5739
Beckett, Meredith Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Carr, James Police Officer, K-9 Unit 540-654-5729
Stone, MJ Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Brown-Kaleopaa, Uyuree School Resource Officer 540-642-3573
Pcsolinski, PJ Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Menck, Chris Sergeant, Services Division 540-654-5929
Monahan, Stephen Community Police Officer, Downtown District 540-395-9828
Moore, Jen Sergeant, Patrol Division 540-654-5935
Pearce, Katie Sergeant, Detective Division 540-654-5762
Thomas, Joye Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Porter, Joe Police Officer, Mayfield, Hazel Hill, Darbytown 540-654-5945
Peebles, Amber Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Catlett, Marci Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Ridenour, Lee Police Officer 540-654-5920
Johnson, Sabrina Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Gantt, Kenneth Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Tiernan, Christopher Police Officer, Traffic Unit 540-654-5708
Wagner, Nick Police Officer, Traffic Unit 540-654-5791
Bailey, Matthew Citizen Advisory Panel Member  
Sehl, Donna Evidence Clerk 540-654-5747