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Posted on: November 1, 2019

Fall Leaf Collection Begins in the City


Leaf Collection Program for the 2019 Season has begun.  Click here for Week-by-Week Schedule > 

General Collection Information

  • Bagged leaves may be placed on curb for free collection during leaf season. **Residents must call the Public Works Department (372-1023) to arrange for pickup by leaf crew; leaves are not picked up with trash. Bags of leaves may not be stored on curb for any length of time.**
  • The Public Works Department vacuums unbagged leaves placed near the street by residents. This is done by dividing the service area into numerical sections and working in numerical order. 
  • Two crews of 6-8 employees each are assigned to the program. Leaves are vacuumed and shredded, and transported to Stafford County Landfill. To be mulched. 
  • Two complete “passes” are made through each neighborhood of the City. Each “pass” requires approximately 20 days. 
  • Each year, enough leaves are collected to cover a football field (without the end zones) approximately 2 ½ feet deep in shredded leaves. 
  • During dry weather, the leaf collection operation generates leaf dust. Residents should keep this in mind when parking vehicles on the street near piles of leaves. 
  • Wet weather makes the leaves very heavy and slows collection operations. Snow delays the program significantly. 
  • The leaf collection schedule will be updated regularly on the City’s website and on Cox Channel 84/ Verizon Channel 24. Signing up for leaf notices via is the most convenient way to receive up-to-date information. 


  • Rake leaves to the street prior to the advertised date for crews to be in your neighborhood/ section. 
  • Place leaves in the “utility strip” between the sidewalk and curb if possible. Otherwise, place leaves as close to the street as possible. Be careful not to block fire hydrants, drainage inlets, gutters or parking spaces. 
  • Cover vehicles or move them off street during leaf collection if leaf dust is a concern on vehicle surfaces. 


  • Don’t rake leaves to the street well before the scheduled date for crews to be in your neighborhood. 
  • Don’t mix tree limbs, branches or any other debris in with the leaves. 
  • Don’t park vehicles in locations that make leaf collection in the immediate vicinity difficult. 
  • Don’t call to request that your leaves be vacuumed outside of the posted schedule.

Read the Leaf Collection General Information flier >

Click here for Week-by-Week Schedule > 

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