City Seal City of Fredericksburg, Virginia Hon. Mary Katherine Greenlaw, Mayor
Hon. William C. Withers, Jr., Vice-Mayor, Ward Two
Hon. Kerry P. Devine, At-Large
Hon. Matthew J. Kelly, At-Large
Hon. Jason N. Graham, Ward One
Hon. Timothy P. Duffy, Ph.D., Ward Three
Hon. Charlie L. Frye, Jr., Ward Four
City Council


Council Chambers
715 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, Virginia  22401

October 30, 2018
7:00 p.m.
Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw, Presiding


Call to Order
Councilor Charlie L. Frye, Jr.
Pledge of Allegiance
Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw
Comments from the Public
City Council provides this opportunity each regular meeting for comments from citizens who have signed up to speak before the start of the meeting. To be fair to everyone, please observe the five-minute time limit and yield the floor when the Clerk of Council indicates that your time has expired. Decorum in the Council Chambers will be maintained. Comments that are not relevant to the business of this special meeting and behavior that is disruptive, such as applause, are inappropriate and out of order.
City Manager Agenda
Transmittal of Resolution Amending the Comprehensive Plan to Provide for a Public/Private Use Stadium, with Related Transportation Planning, in Land Use Planning Area 1 (Celebrate Virginia South)
Transmittal of Resolution Granting a Special Use Permit to Celebrate Virginia South, LLC; CVAS Parkway, LLC; and CVAS Expo Center, LLC; for a Stadium Use at GPINs 7860-70-3653, 7769-57-9159, 7860-80-0703, 7769-79-5783, and 7860-60-7626 in Celebrate Virginia South
Transmittal of Resolution Adopting fees for the C-PACE program
Ordinance 18-__, First Read, Approval of the Proposed Vacation of an Unimproved Portion of the Carl D. Silver Parkway Right-of-Way
Ordinance 18-__, First Read, Creation of a Program for Financing Clean Energy Improvements, Known as “C-PACE”
  1. 5e C-PACE Ord.pdf
Development and Shared Use Agreement with Potomac Baseball, LLC
Resolution 18-__, Extending the Term of the Letter of Intent with Potomac Baseball, LLC, for the Approval of Definitive Agreements Related to the Multi-Use Outdoor Recreational Venue
Closed Session
Code of Virginia 2.2-3711(A)(39) for discussion of proprietary information, voluntarily provided by Potomac Baseball, LLC pursuant to a promise of confidentiality; and memoranda prepared by the City of Fredericksburg relating to Potomac Baseball, LLC, where competition or bargaining is involved and where disclosure of such information would adversely affect the financial interest of the City; Code of Virginia 2.2-3711(A)(8) for consultation with the City Attorney related to the Development and Shared Use Agreement with Potomac Baseball, LLC, and related legal instruments.
Resolution 18-__, Certification of Closed Session