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CourthouseHistoric Court Records consists of extracts, transcripts and indices of records in repository in the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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NOTE: Historic Court Records contents are NOT OFFICIAL court records and are intended only for genealogical and historical research assistance.

The information presented by the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives in Historic Court Records are extracts of "loose papers" - the paper trail behind Court Order Book and City Council Minute entries. Fortunately, most "loose papers" survived the turmoil of the Civil War even though Fredericksburg changed hands a number of times and was sacked during the Battle of Fredericksburg in 1862. The history behind Fredericksburg’s "loose papers" is complicated. A number of different courts sat in the Fredericksburg Court House over the years and those courts served many jurisdictions, far beyond the city limits of Fredericksburg.

Historic Court Records provides rich genealogical and historical research data from "loose papers" and other records in repository at the Fredericksburg Court House. All records presented herein are searchable. This website was designed by Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archive founder, Barry L. McGhee


Never Forgotten - a database of enslaved persons memorialized in Fredericksburg court records, is a special feature of Historic Court Records.


* The staff of the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives sends condolences to the family of Mrs. Barbara Pratt Willis, devoted Fredericksburg historian, who passed May 17, 2021.

* The Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives has just passed 30,000 individual, unique records entered into its database! 

* Mayor’s Court records are currently being entered into the Court Records database. Typically involving petty sums, these cases are particularly valuable as they frequently document persons of lower economic status who might not otherwise make an imprint on the public record.

* Fredericksburg Town / City Council loose record extracts being entered into the Court Records database and are searchable. 

* A large quantity of Fredericksburg Court Fee Books, Witness Books & Attendance Books returned to the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives by the College of William & Mary are being used to more completely document existing cases in our database. Check back frequently!

Disclaimer: Data provided by Historic Court Records is not official and is provided by the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives for genealogical and historical research purposes only. All data contained herein should be verified by obtaining a copy of the original record.

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