General Park Policy

PARKING: NO vehicles on the park grass (regardless of which park) without specific written permission by Parks and Recreation Department.

ELECTRICITY USE: There will be a $5 per hour charge for electricity usage at Hurkamp Park for all private and for-profit users of these parks. This is in addition to the refundable $10 deposit paid for the key to the electric box.

PORTABLE TOILETS: Persons requesting reservation of Maury Park or City Dock Park must agree to provide one portable toilet for every 25 people for one hour or more. Thus, if less than 25 are expected, a portable toilet is not required. If 50 or more people are expected for an hour then two portable toilets are required. Arrangements for portable toilet location[s] should be made with the Supervisor of Parks and Park Maintenance at 540-372-1086.

METAL DETECTORS: No metal detectors or similar devices are permitted in parks or properties operated by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Events.

GRAFFITI: Upon notification or discovery of graffiti on park property under the direct control of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Events, every effort will be made to remove the graffiti within 24 hours or as soon as reasonably possible.

ALCOHOL: With appropriate permit, alcoholic beverages are permitted at the following locations: Hurkamp Park, Maury Park, Memorial Park, Motts Reservoir Park, Old Mill Park, Riverfront Park, Alum Springs Park, and W. L. Harris Park (if authorized by the Mayfield Civic Association). Alcohol IS NOT permitted at the following park locations under any circumstances:  Snowden Playground, Dixon Park and Riverside Drive Park.

CITY DOG PARK: Is a self policing park for dogs 4 months and older and is for City residents and their pets only, in accordance with Section 66-256 of the City Code.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the event of bad weather, the Director of Parks and Recreation and Events will determine when and if to cancel a scheduled event/program scheduled in or at city owned parks for the safety of personnel as well as patrons. Please sign up for updates and to include non routine park closings at Fredericksburg Alert.