Summer Camps

2021 SUMMER CAMPS Are Being Planned

Our 2021 Summer Camp Guide will be published on this webpage on Friday, February 26, 2021. 

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Registrations will be online. We encourage you to go ahead and set up your online account, so that everything is all set when camp registration opens. 

General Camp Information:

Birth Certificates:

Copy of birth certificate is required at time of registration for first time registrations. Online enrollments must provide your child’s birth certificate before camp signups.

Online enrollment notice: 

YOU MUST have your online account ready in advance with your user name and password. We have a new registration system and you must set up a new household. We strongly recommend contacting us several days before camp signups to ensure your account is ready. Call 540-372-1086 ext. 0 or email us now

Read our Summer Camp FAQ’s for many answers about our online registration system

Summer Camp Refund Policy:

Individuals wishing to withdraw and/or requesting a refund must do so by contacting the Fredericksburg Parks, Recreation and Events Department.  Individuals must follow up their verbal cancellation request with a written refund request and submit it to Fredericksburg Parks, Recreation and Events Department prior to cancellation deadlines.  A 10% administrative fee will be charged on all refund requests for advanced cancellations.  Cancellation requests less than two weeks (14 days) before camp start date are eligible for a 50% refund. And there are no refunds on cancellations less than 7 days before camp start date.  There will be no refunds given to those who withdraw after program start date.  Refunds will require 4 weeks for processing unless paid by credit card. Credit card refunds will take 5 business days to process.