Long Range Planning

Comprehensive Plan

The City Council has adopted a Vision Statement that describes Fredericksburg as a city animated by a sense of unmatched, irreplaceable history, shaped by civic involvement and economic vitality. The Comprehensive Plan provides a blueprint for the community to achieve that vision - - addressing current conditions, visions and goals for the future, and strategies designed to achieve that future.

Pathways Plan

Bicycling and walking are fundamental means of travel and an efficient transportation network will provide for them. Integrated bicycle and pedestrian accommodations ensure safe and convenient access to the community, connectivity with the overall transportation network, and independent mobility regardless of age, physical constraints, or income.

Small Area Plans

The final chapter of the Plan identifies land use policies for 10 small area planning areas. AREA PLAN MAP (PDF) The boundaries include the main commercial street or spine of these communities with the adjoining residential areas, which provides the muscle to tie them together. Detailed plans will be prepared for each of the planning areas. to provide specific guidance for the development, redevelopment, and public facilities.

Transportation Plan

The City of Fredericksburg has been a transportation hub from the day it was founded. The Rappahannock River, plank roads, railways, and state and federal highways have successfully linked the City with the broader economy. The Fredericksburg area, however, also has its own transportation network to provide balanced circulation patterns that enhance local commercial and residential development.