Development Review

Site Plans and Subdivisions are the two most common means for accomplishing new development or redevelopment. Information on the processes is provided. See the City’s Unified Development Ordinance and its associated Procedures Manual (PDF) for detailed information on these topics.

Technical Review Committee (TRC) Pre-Application Conference

A pre-application conference is a meeting between key City staff and an applicant (or applicant’s representative) for the purposes of discussing a potential development application prior to submittal. Pre-application conferences are mandatory before filing the following types of development applications:

  • Zoning Map amendments (with or without proffers)
  • Special use permits
  • Special exceptions

and are strongly encouraged for:

  • Subdivisions (Preliminary Plat and Site Plan)
  • Site plans
  • Changes of use (unless exempted by the Zoning Administrator or Building Official)

2023 TRC Pre-Application Form with Filing and Meeting Dates (PDF)

2024 TRC Pre-Application Filing and Meeting Dates (PDF)

Development Applications (July, 2022) 

The City’s new Citizen Access Portal (CAP) went live on October 23.  All permits should be submitted online at  Instructions to register are HERE.  Until further notice, please submit major site plans and final subdivision plats in paper as well.

Staff is continuing to upload documents to the CAP system and may reach out to you to supplement applications.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to tweak the new system to make it as efficient and customer friendly as possible.

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