Planning Services Division

The following points of information are provided to help explain the activities of this Division:

Boards & Commissions

This provides a listing of Boards & Commissions that are managed by the Planning Services Division.

Community Development

This element gives points of information about the City's effort to improve the quality of housing for its most challenged residents.

Development Review

Site Plans and Subdivisions are the two most common means for accomplishing new development or redevelopment. Information on the processes is provided. See the City's Unified Development Ordinance and its associated Procedures Manual (PDF) for detailed information on these topics.

Historic District

The City has established a Historic District for downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods to protect Fredericksburg's cultural history as expressed in its architecture. The Historic District ordinance helps to preserve historic buildings while providing for their adaptation and continued use.

Long Range Planning

Information is available here on the City of Fredericksburg's Comprehensive Plan, Pathways Plan, Small Area Plans, and Transportation Plan.

Permits & Applications

Permits, Applications, and other forms that can be downloaded from our Document Center.

Planning Documents

All documentation associated with Planning Division activities are provided here - from the Comprehensive Parking Study to the Schedule of Fees.


Controlling the quantity and improving the quality of storm water runoff are some the most important steps in protecting and improving the water ways that run through the City, especially the Rappahannock River. Protecting Wetlands and administering Floodplain regulations are additional important elements.


The administration, interpretation, and enforcement of the City's land use regulations, as specifically expressed in the City's Unified Development Ordinance, are addressed here.