Voter Registration Drives

The Department of Elections has a webpage detailing the process, training, responsibility and requirements for those who wish to hold a Voter Registration drive. Garry Ellis is the point of contact at the Department of Elections for information regarding Registration drives. Contact Garry Ellis via email.

Guide For Conducting Voter Registration Drives (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions About Registration Drives in the City of Fredericksburg

Do I need to be trained to hold a drive?

How do I get the training I need?
Follow this link: Training Video from the Department of Elections. 

Does the training expire?
Yes. Training expires each year on June 30, regardless of when you completed the training. You must re-train each year and complete a new Affidavit each year.

What is the best way to register people to vote?
Electronic applications are the best. They are entered directly into the Department of Elections website by the individual applicant and delivered electronically to the correct Voter Registrar by start of business the following day. The quality of applications are higher and delivery is immediate and absent the risk of holding, mailing, or hand delivery of paper applications.

What do I need to know about the City of Fredericksburg?
The City of Fredericksburg is almost exclusively contained in zip code 22401.  Stafford County and Spotsylvania County are often referred to as Fredericksburg, but for the purpose of registering to vote the application must be entered by the correct Registrar. Stafford County zip codes: 22405,22406,22412,22554,22555,22556. Spotsylvania zip codes: 22407,22408,22551,22553,22534. It is critical for drive holders to properly identify and deliver applications to the correct jurisdiction to best serve the applicants.

How do I acquire applications for the registration drive?
Paper applications: If you are requesting more than 25 applications you must call the Fredericksburg Registrar in advance, (540) 372-1030 and arrange the pick up of applications. You may also request your applications from the Department of Elections. Requests for large numbers of applications should go through the Department of Elections. Please bring the completed sworn affidavit to the Registrar at the time of pick up. Remember, you must have completed the online training and affidavit before receiving the applications.

Electronic applications: Internet access.

Thank you for your interest in our elections.