AWARD Notices:


                                                                                Sole Source and Emergency Procurement Notices
Sole Source Purchase 7/12/2022
Sole Source Purchase 7/14/2022
Sole Source Purchase 9/8/2022
Sole Source Purchase 9/9/2022
Sole Source Purchase 9/27/2022
Sole Source Purchase 10/1/2022
Sole Source Purchase 5/1/2023
Sole Source Purchase 5/1/2023                                                                                               


Autochalk System Maintenance
Evoqua Water Technologies 
All Mobile Video, Inc.
Superion, LLC
Badger Meter Inc.
David West
Condrey & Associates
Center for African-American Genealogical Research Inc.

                                                                  Fiscal Year 2023 Awards Notices  

23-0307 Visitor Center Renovations – Architectural Services Enteros, Inc
23-0308 Roffman Road Sidewalk Extension Espina Paving
23-0304 General Property AssessmentWingate Appraisal Services 
23-0306 Idlewild Site Rehabilitation Plan MFTA Architecture, PLLC
                                                                             Past Awards Notices    

22-0222 Pavement Rehabilitation Program FY-23        
Virginia Paving Company

22-0218 Phase II Classification and Compensation Study    
Bolton Partners, INC.
21-0145 On Call Term Transportation Engineering
Notice of Award Category A & B ONLY
Category C Intent to Award

22-0213 Switchgear Replacement      
IMEC of Columbia, MD
22-0206 Engineering Services for Fiber Installation           
Timmons Group
22-0202 HVAC System Replacement for Executive Plaza
IMEC of Columbia, MD
22-0204 Amber Yellow Flashing Conversions
 B&B Signal 
22-0211  Snowden Pump Station and Force Main Improvements                                                   W.C. Spratt
22-0201 Colonial LightsKimley-Horn
22-0207 Small Area Plans                                                                                                         
Rhodeside Harwell, INC
17-0108 ERP System Consulting Services
BerryDunn (PDF)
17-0113 Downtown Traffic Signal Replacement
B & B Signal Company, LLC (PDF)
17-0119 Health Insurance Consulting Services
Wells Fargo Insurance (PDF)
17-0120 Waterline Replacement - 1900 Block Lafayette Boulevard
Dipardo and Cole (PDF)
17-0121: Fire Station Feasibility Study
DMO Proz
17-0123/17-0124 Med Rx Insurance/Stop Loss
Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, Inc. (PDF)
17-0127 Software and Implementation Services
Tyler Technologies Inc. (PDF)
18-0114 Parking Access and Revenue Collection System
Sentry Control Systems, LLC
18-0115 City Branding Services
HUB Collective (PDF)
18-0120: Pavement Rehabilitation 2017
Fredericksburg Asphalt & Paving, Inc. (PDF)
19-0105 Dixon Park Hockey Rink
W. C. Spratt
19-0112 Street Conversion Impact Study
Manitou Incorporated (PDF)
19-0116 Tourism Study
19-0119 Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan for 2019-2029
Lose Design
19-0122 Pavement Rehabilitation Program 2019
Fredericksburg Asphalt & Paving
19-0132 General Property Reassessment Services
Wingate Appraisal Service
19-0146 Parks and Recreation Management System
19-0147 Restroom Facility - Memorial Park
Smith-Midland Corporation
19-0148 Sophia Street Garage Repairs
Contracting Specialists Inc.-DC
19-0149 FRED Transit Bus Transfer Station
Sorenson Gross Company
20-0101 Riverfront Park                                            Athena Construction Group, Inc.
20-0109 Kenmore Ave Sewer Relocation
W.C. Spratt
20-0116 Playground Design Alum Spring Park
Miracle Recreation
20-0117 Pavement Rehabilitation Program 2020
Fredericksburg Asphalt
21-0124 Fire Station Feasibility Study
21-0126 Maury Park Playground Design
Cunningham Recreation
21-0132 Archaeological On -Call Services      
21-0133 Celebrate Virginia Pump Station Upgrade      
Patterson Construction
21-0134 Transit Rebranding and Marketing
HDR Engineering, Inc.
21-0135 Executive Plaza 4th Floor Renovations
Notice of Award
21-0136 Design of Learning Lane Culvert Replacement
BAI, Inc.
21-0137 William Street Drainage
Ashburn Contracting Corp.
21-0138 Swimming Pool Management Services
21-0139 Energy Services 
Swim Club Management Group
Intent to Award
21-0144 Sophia Street Parking Garage Exterior Wall Repairs
Contracting Specialists
21-0148 Sewer System I&I Analysis
Duke's Root Control
21-0149 Pavement Rehabilitation Program 2021
Fredericksburg Asphalt


23-0306 for the Idlewild Site Rehabilitation Plan.