Civil Claims

Effective July 1, 2015 pursuant to Virginia Code 17.1-258.3 all Civil paper filings will have an additional $5.00 fee.

The Clerk’s office cannot help you with preparing and correcting your file. It is illegal.
Va. Code 19.2-392.2

Civil cases are disputes between two or more parties where the relief sought is for monetary damages, divorce, determination of property ownership, and appellate relief from decisions made by General District Court, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and administrative agencies.

Case initiation:

To file a case the person (plaintiff) bringing the case must:

  • Create and file the required paperwork including a Civil Cover Sheet *required for all civil filings
  • Submit the correct filing fee
  • Submit service requests (2 copies of each paper; 5 for Garnishments)

Filing Fees:

  • The submitting party must calculate fees using the Civil Fee Calculator provided by the Virginia Supreme Court 

Motion & Term Day:

  • Motions Day: the court will hear all motions. 
  • 2nd and 4th Monday each month at 9:00am
  • If a holiday contact Clerk’s Office for new date: 540-372-1066
  • Requires more than 30 minutes contact Judge’s chambers to schedule: 540-372-1171
  • Notices must be filed 3 business days in advance

  • Term Day: the day a civil case is set for trial, in which both parties appear before the court.
  • 4th Monday in January, April, July and October at 9:00 am
  • If a holiday contact Clerk’s Office for new date: 540-372-1066
  • Notices must be filed 6 days in advance

* Please note that this is not legal advice or representation. Any questions regarding the Civil process, forms, and their completion should be directed to an attorney. The Clerk’s office is prohibited from offering legal advice. (Code 19.2-392.2).

 *Payment of filing and copy fees may be made by cash, personal check, money order or, with a VISA/MASTERCARD, credit/debit card. Make checks payable to: Clerk of Court. Effective July 1, 2012, the following service fees will apply if using a VISA/MASTERCARD, credit/debit card: The service fee for charges $50.00 and under will be $2.00. The service fee for charges over $50.00 will be assessed at 4%