Election Officers

Officers of Election are appointed each year by the Fredericksburg City Electoral Board to work at the polls on Election Day.

Officer of Election Brochure

Who can work at the polls?

  • Registered Virginia voters, preferably a City of Fredericksburg resident.
  • You don’t hold nor work for an elected official.
  • Must be available from 5am-9pm or later on election day.
  • Enjoy meeting people and serving the public.
  • Posses detail-oriented skills, can take direction well and can easily ignore distractions.

What do Officers of Elections do?

  • Demonstrating how to mark the ballot
  • Setting up equipment
  • Checking voters in and marking the voters’ list and poll book
  • Issuing ballots
  • Providing voter assistance and instructions
  • Insuring a fair and impartial election is held
  • Certifying the election results
  • Disassembling and storing the equipment

Is training provided?

Yes. All Election Officers are required to attend a training class prior to each election. Classes are about 2 hours and held by the Electoral Board.

Are Election Officers paid?

Yes. Election Officers are paid $175. Assistant Chief Officers are paid $25. Chief Officers are paid $250.


Ready to apply? Follow these steps:

1) If you are City resident who is interested in serving please complete, complete this online application to serve as an Officer of Election. Send it to the Fredericksburg General Registrar.

Applications will be forwarded to the Fredericksburg City Electoral Board for consideration.

2) If you are selected by the Electoral Board to serve you will be mailed a Notice of Appointment by the Electoral Board.

3) Upon receipt of the Notice of Appointment you must complete, accurately and in full the Response to Notice of Appointment (PDF) and mail it to the General Registrar or email it.

4) You will take an Oath on the day of your training and prior to serving.

Mailing Address: Director of Elections/General Registrar

601 Caroline Street 500
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Officer of Election for the City of Fredericksburg.