Providing secure, reliable, accessible, innovative, efficient and effective technology and services, we assist City staff in their service to citizens, businesses and visitors of the City of Fredericksburg.

Services Provided

The Information Technology (IT) Department currently supports over 420 users, 41 servers, 2 SAN (Storage Area Network), 20 networks (circuits), 54 network devices, 451 workstations, laptops and MDTs, 20 locations, and 3 terabytes of data. IT also supports 32 iPads, and VoIP systems for 6 departments. IT provides daily operational support to most City offices. Though some departments are not directly supported, the City IT department works hand and hand with such departments as the City Fire Department, Social Services, and Courts (which are directly supported by the state) whenever possible.

Application Support

IT provides comprehensive services in the research, evaluation and deployment of new application systems, support and enhancement of existing business systems; process re-engineering, systems acquisition support, project management, and day to day problem identification and resolution.


IT offers webpage design and support services for all City departments and agencies, and provides methods of communication with the public. Citizens can pay City bills online and use other eServices such as researching Real Estate records and signing up for Council and Board Meeting Agendas. New website functionality that was recently implemented includes an employee intranet, RSS feeds, and automated notifications for calendars, news items, bid postings, jobs and alerts.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

IT provides geographical information to citizens and staff through the Internet, Intranet, desktop applications, direct system interfaces, and traditional mapping products. GIS is used for the enhancement of public safety, land development, and business systems by providing seamless access and easy methodologies to spatially view data according to geographical location.

Network Support

IT designs, administers, maintains, supports and optimizes the City's local and wide area network systems (including the City's Fiber Network), servers and firewalls; ensures the stability, security and integrity of all systems through the appropriate application of anti-virus and content filtering. Work involves monitoring operations of critical equipment, as well as reviewing log files and reports to prevent security breaches.

Operations Support

IT offers support to E-911 Dispatch & Police Officers on a 24 hour per day/7 day per week schedule. IT performs backups, troubleshoots program error messages, provides overall personal computer and system support for City offices; assists users in determining hardware and software needs; provides users with general instructions and training on hardware and software use. IT monitors inventory levels of equipment, initiates requisitions for new/replacement items, and obtains competitive price quotes as well as managing the appropriate disposal of aged technology.

Vision for the Future

The City's strategic plan is intended to provide a blueprint for technology for the next 3 years. This document is goes into details of the current technology posture of the City along with defining a comprehensive vision for the future which is supported by detailed goals and strategies.

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