Energy Assistance

Apply for Energy Assistance

The EA Program assists low-income households, particularly those with the lowest incomes that pay a high proportion of household income for home energy. It is comprised of four components:

Virginia Department of Social Services/Energy Assistance:

  • Fuel Assistance - Helps with the cost of heating
  • Crisis Assistance - Helps when Fuels assistance and other resources don't meet the need.
  • Cooling Assistance - Helps with cooling emergencies resulting from extreme heat
  • Weatherization Assistance - Assists with energy efficiency and air infiltration

When is Energy Assistance Available?

Applications are accepted at the local department of social services as follows: 

Fuel Assistance:

The second Tuesday in October through the second Friday in November.

Crisis Assistance:

November 1 through March 15 for equipment related assistance, security deposits and emergency shelter. First workday in January through March 15 assistance is available for primary heating fuel and payments for primary heating utility bills.

Cooling Assistance:

June 15 through August 15.