Child Care

Apply for Child Care Assistance
Child Care financial Services are provided to eligible families to enable parents or legal guardians to maintain employment or to attend an educational or training program that will lead to employment.

Child Care Services Provides:

  • Financial Assistance (parent may have a fee based on income)
  • Assistance with selecting a child care placement
  • Guidance and support
  • Transitional services

What to Look for in Any Child Care Setting

  • Staff has training and experience in child development
  • Environment is safe, clean, and uncluttered
  • Environment is nurturing and encourages learning and growth
  • It's a nice place to stay all day
  • Program is responsive to the children's needs
  • Program is responsive to the parents' needs

Parent's Responsibilities to help your child feel secure in placement

  • Develop and maintain a good relationship with the provider
  • Make drop-off and pick-up times happy times
  • Look for cues that the child is happy with the placement
  • Note any behavioral changes, especially those that are severe or continue

Parent's Responsibility to the Child Care provider

  • Up to date emergency information
  • List of authorized people to pick up child
  • Child's general health, including allergies and special needs
  • Inform provider of any significant occurrences or upcoming changes

What to expect from the Provider

  • Provider should inform parents about significant changes (This includes staff, activities, schedule changes and child's habits)
  • You should expect the provider to meet the child's basic needs during the period the child is in her care this includes nutritious meals and snacks and the children being encouraged to learn and grow.
  • You should expect the provider to be pleasant to you and the children.
  • You should expect the provider to fulfill the terms of the contract.

For more Child Care information on choosing child care or a resource list of providers:

For questions about child care:

Child Care VA  1-866-KIDS-TLC