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Important notice regarding the Afghanistan evacuation

Have questions about ways to support evacuees arriving in Virginia from Afghanistan? Questions about donations or other ways to assist evacuees should be directed to 2-1-1 Virginia for information and guidance. 

At this time, the Commonwealth of Virginia is asking citizens to save donations for long-term resettlement efforts through local refugee resettlement agencies. Community leaders in Virginia are coordinating efforts to store and maintain an inventory of donations for Afghan evacuees who eventually settle in Virginia.

COVID-19 Resources & Updates

New COVID-19 Virginia Resources Website and Mobile App

Information for homeowners and renters (including residents living in hotels and motels) during the health crisis:

Emergency cash Assistance application (income eligibility requirements apply)

Information about COVID-19 Frauds and Scams

Recently the FBI warned about rapidly emerging fraud trends related to supplies in shortage due to COVID-19. The announcement was focused on medical supplies; however, common household items and other inventory in short supply are also subject to similar fraud.   

The current environment is ripe for fraudulent actors perpetrating “advance fee” and email compromise schemes. In advance fee schemes related to procurement, a victim pre-pays (partially or in full) a purported seller or a broker for a good or service and then receives little or nothing in return.

Email compromise schemes often involve the spoofing of a legitimate known email address or use of a nearly identical email address to communicate with a victim to redirect legitimate payments to a bank account controlled by fraudsters. 

Multiple incidents have been reported to law enforcement in which entities, attempting to procure equipment or goods, transferred funds to fraudulent brokers and sellers in advance of receiving the items. The parties involved attempt to expedite payments for items prior to their arrival due to the current emergency. While the activity reported by law enforcement is targeted at government entities, commercial brokers (e.g. Amazon) have reported experiencing similar behavior as well.   

For accurate and up-to-date information about COVID-19, visit:

Energy & Utility Assistance Programs

You may apply, renew, and make changes for benefit programs online.

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