Temporary No Parking Signs

The Public Works Department will consider issuing temporary "No Parking" signs on City streets or in public parking lots for various types of events or projects. Examples include weddings, funerals, for parking of moving vans, for deliveries by large vehicles, etc. The applicant for such parking restrictions is responsible for notifying nearby residents and businesses of the date(s) and times of the temporary parking restriction before the signs are posted, for posting the signs in accordance with the applicable regulations and for removing the signs once the time period has expired. There is a $3/sign charge for the temporary signs.

Requirements for Posting Temporary "No Parking" Signs in the City of Fredericksburg

  • A permit must be obtained from the Public Works Department prior to the posting of any signs. Permits will be issued only for the date(s), times and number of parking spaces determined by the Director of Public Works or his designee to be necessary to the purpose of the restriction.
  • Only signs provided by the Public Works Department may be used. A $3.00 per sign deposit is charged. Provided the sign is returned on the first business day after the expiration of the temporary restriction, there will be a $2.00 per sign refund.
  • The date(s) and times of the temporary parking restriction must be clearly written on each sign in large, black, block lettering.
  • Signs are to be posted not less than twenty four (24) hours nor more than thirty six (36) hours prior to the beginning of the restriction. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are to be included when calculating when the signs may be posted.
  • Signs may be posted on existing sign poles or utility poles with string or masking tape. No staples, nails, tacks, duct tape or other material that may damage the surface may be used. Signs are not to be posted on trees as it can cause permanent damage.
  • Signs posted on existing sign poles must not cover any portion of any existing sign(s) on the pole.
  • Signs are to be posted so that the face of the sign is clearly visible to oncoming traffic. The face of the sign should be perpendicular to the curb line, rather than parallel. (Exception: On streets with "diagonal" parking, the sign should face the parking space, so that drivers may see the sign as they pull into the parking space.)
  • Signs are to be removed immediately upon the expiration of the temporary parking restriction. All material used to post the sign (string, masking tape) is to be removed as well.
  • Signs posted in violation of these requirements are subject to removal without notice.

"No Parking" Space Request Form (PDF)