Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit strives to increase motorists’ compliance with traffic laws by maintaining a high-profile presence on Fredericksburg roadways and through enforcement and education. The unit works to identify and stop unsafe or illegal driving practices as they occur and serve as a deterrent to motorists.

Traffic officers are trained in advanced crash reconstruction and scene mapping. The unit monitors crash data to identify areas of concern that demonstrate a high rate of crashes, pedestrian incidents or hazardous backups.

The Traffic Unit also includes the Motor Carrier Safety Program. This program is geared toward enforcing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for commercial and other large vehicles. Trucks are frequently stopped and subjected to detailed safety inspections. Additionally, the Motor Carrier Safety Program is equipped with truck scales used to weigh trucks roadside. This program not only increases safety for all drivers, but also protects our transportation infrastructure from damage created by overweight vehicles.

For citizens concerned about speeding or other dangerous conditions in their neighborhoods, traffic officers have several tactics and tools at their disposal to make a positive impact. From visible patrol to a RADAR trailer that displays the speeds of motorists, the Traffic Unit will work with concerned City residents to help alleviate the problem.

Safe Driving Resources from the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration