Patrol Division

The Patrol Division, powered by highly trained police officers, supervisors and specialists certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, is the primary force through which the Fredericksburg Police Department provides competent and professional police services to the citizens of Fredericksburg.

Accountable and professional delivery of police services is an important factor that is critical to the success or failure of a police department's mission. The Patrol Division has overall law enforcement jurisdiction within the City limits, which encompasses criminal and traffic jurisprudence outlined in the Code of Virginia and the Ordinances of the City of Fredericksburg.

  1. Mike Athenry

    Lieutenant, Patrol Division
    Phone: 540-654-5732

  1. Paul Dooley

    Lieutenant, Patrol Division
    Phone: 540-654-5717

  1. Crystal Hill

    Lieutenant, Patrol Division
    Phone: 540-372-4262

  1. Jason Pitts

    Lieutenant, Patrol Division
    Phone: 540-654-5718

  1. Paul Chewning

    Sergeant, Patrol Division
    Phone: 540-654-5766

  1. Aimee Lynch

    Sergeant, Community Services Section
    Phone: 540-654-5788

  1. Ryan Merrell

    Sergeant, Patrol Division
    Phone: 540-654-5930

  1. Jen Moore

    Sergeant, Patrol Division
    Phone: 540-654-5935

  1. Chris Reyes

    Sergeant, Patrol Division
    Phone: 540-372-4261

  1. Robert Rivers

    Sergeant, Patrol Division
    Phone: 540-654-5721