Public Facilities

Public Facilities manages the City owned and leased properties including City Hall, General District Court, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Parking Garage, Executive Plaza and Dorothy Hart Community Center to name a few. The task of building a new General District Court building and renovating the existing building for Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court was also completed by our department. There will be a comprehensive study done for the old courthouse building, now referred to as the Renwick Building, named after the original architect who designed it. Public Facilities recently assisted the Police Department in preparation for their accreditation survey.

Additionally, Public Facilities oversees the construction and renovation, day to day repairs and maintenance and housekeeping services.

Going Green

We're Green! Fredericksburg is fortunate to have so many natural resources and so much green space. The City is committed to protecting the environment as well as reducing the impact of government services and operations on those resources.