General Sports Information

Youth sports program are an opportunity for kids to learn sport specific skills, engage in friendly competition, make new friends and create new memories for a lifetime. All youth sports, with the exception of our Tot Programs, have the choice of a night preference. Parents may choose Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Or, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Special requests for team placement cannot be honored. This includes requests for carpooling, assignment with friends, or particular coaches, specific practice times, etc.

Online Sports Registrations

You must apply for an online account before you register for sports or any activity. We can only respond to your application during normal business hours, and if you apply over the weekend, your account may not be approved until Monday. A high volume of online applications may delay approval for 1-2 business days, so please plan accordingly. Please do not wait until the activity deadline to apply for an account.

Proof of Age

All first time participants in our Sports programs must provide proof of age upon registration. Proof of age is: Birth certificate, passport, military i.d., school i.d. or medical records that indicate the child’s birthdate. (Social Security Cards do not have birthdates and are not acceptable proof.) Thus, if you would like to register your child for a program, and they have never enrolled into a sport program with this department, you will not be allowed to register them for the first time using our online system. You are welcome to register them in person the first time, and then use our online system for all future registrations.

Late fee for Sports Registrations

There will be a $10 late fee for all sports registrations taken after each sport’s appropriate deadline.

Refunds for Sports

A refund may be requested prior to the first game of the season. No refunds are made after the 1st game.

All cancellations and refund requests for activities enrolled through the internet must be made through our office either by phone, fax, mail or in-person. Please note that we are not responsible for any faxed or mailed requests. It is the payer’s responsibility to verify receipt of the refund requested.

Any refund over $10 will be mailed from City Hall. Please allow thirty days for processing. Credit Card Refunds are processed immediately. Refunds of less than $10 will be maintained as a credit to the participant’s account.

Once you are enrolled in our Sports leagues or Sports programs, we ask that you remember just a few things: 

  • The Parks & Recreation Department cancels practices and games.
  • Any time the City schools are closed because of inclement weather, our programs are cancelled. All programs held at city schools are cancelled when there is a City school holiday.
  • Please register for Fred Alert to get notices about cancellations, registration deadlines, etc. Fredericksburg Alert
  • Cancellations are announced on B101.5, Y99.3, and WFLS Radio Stations.