Human Resources


The Human Resources Department is responsible for the recruitment and selection of city employees, position classification, and compensation, training and development, employee recognition, personnel policy management, benefits administration, workers' compensation, and the employee wellness program.


We currently have approximately 440 full time employees. The Human Resources Department is located on the second floor of City Hall at 715 Princess Anne St. All applicants who wish to submit an application for employment in person must bring it to this location.


To further the city's overall mission and to be the employer of choice for city residents by:

  • Attracting and selecting the best talent available for our vacant positions
  • Providing opportunities for continuous improvement by ensuring quality service the first time
  • Providing the most cost effective, yet competitive menu of available benefit programs for our employees
  • Providing a wage and classification system that is competitive with the surrounding jurisdictions as well as other cities of comparable size to the City of Fredericksburg, while ensuring that it remains internally equitable; and
  • Promoting the safety and health of our workforce through targeted safety programs, reviews of incidents with follow up corrective actions, and additional job safety training


In support of the mission, we strive to:

  • In cooperation with the local media, create eye-catching and vibrant advertisements to attract top talent to our organization each time vacancies occur
  • Provide staff assistance task forces to work on refining and streamlining business processes
  • Maintain and renew insurance products that serve the employee population well, are cost-effective, and provide services needed and wanted by employees
  • Analyze requested jobs by completion of the vendor's position questionnaires and submitting them for evaluation against our classification system
  • Perform informal wage surveys every other year, and formal surveys through contracted vendor every five years
  • Serve as the repository for employee workers' compensation claims and act as liaison with the workers' compensation insurance carrier
  • Provide oversight and/or staff assistance to safety committees, accident review committees, and serve as liaison between the Safety Coordinator, Co-Risk Managers, and our liability / workers' compensation insurance carriers.