The Fredericksburg Fire Department’s Training Division oversees all new certification and recertification training delivered at our facilities and to our staff. Even though our department is small in relationship to other larger metropolitan departments, we deliver and coordinate a lot of training opportunities. We do our best to provide the most knowledgeable and best trained firefighters; and emergency medical service (EMS) providers to serve the citizens and visitors to our city. Currently our staff comprises of one full-time training officer and a large cadre of instructors on shift.

The Training Division works very closely with other city departments and the community. Our staff routinely provides assistance with design, coordination, and/or delivery for just about any safety topic; from confined space, to defensive driving, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes. We have developed and delivered many national, state, and locally developed programs. Plus, we send staff around the country to bring new technology and knowledge back to our city to help grow and develop the future of the fire service.

We maintain a number of agreements with local EMS training programs and college systems to allow their students to obtain their clinical hours with our ambulance crews. This has proven to be a major benefit to the region, as they are able to maximize their exposure to the field of EMS due to the number of medical calls that we receive daily, while maintaining a one-on-one type education due to our department’s smaller size.

We have and continue to work closely with the Virginia Department of Fire Programs, Rappahannock EMS Council, and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management with course delivery, evaluation, and development. A number of our staff has sat on committees to develop local, regional, and statewide training programs throughout the years, as well as design and administer disaster exercises.

Course Offerings

For training opportunities in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), or Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) please contact Mary Washington Healthcare’s Life Support Training Center at (540) 741-1585.

Student Clinical Ride Alongs

We offer opportunities for students from approved National Registry and Virginia Office of EMS courses to complete their field internship with our organization. Currently we hold agreements with a multitude of educational organizations for clinical rotations, and if we do not have an agreement with the group delivering your program please let use know. It is easy to request a ride along by completing an on-line form. Your request will be processed and then we will contact you to discuss further details associated with our ride along program. Once scheduled please complete our ride along wavier (PDF) and HIPAA disclosure (PDF) form; and bring them with you to your first scheduled shift.