Rehabilitation Tax Credit

Rehabilitation of Qualifying Property

The City of Fredericksburg has a program for partial exemption from the real estate tax increase which is the result of rehabilitation of a qualifying residential building. The building must be in the Historic District and must meet certain other criteria. Foremost among these is the requirement that an application be filed and an inspection of the property made by the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue before any work or interior demolition begins.  

Commercial buildings may also be eligible for rehabilitation exemption. They do not have to be in the Historic District but must conform to other criteria.

Applications and additional information are located below and also available in the Real Estate Department, Room 107 in City Hall, or you may call 372-1207.

  1. Rehab Credit Information - Residential Properties
  2. Rehab Credit Information - Commercial Properties
  3. Real Estate Rehab Qualifications (PDF)
  4. Residential Rehab Form (PDF)
  5. Commercial Rehab Form (PDF)