City Attorney

Legal Advice

The Office of the City Attorney provides legal advice and representation to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and other city officials and employees on a broad range of issues.

The City Attorney is appointed by and reports to the Mayor and City Council. The office mission is to advance the interests of the city through its laws and legal instruments, and to reduce the risk of legal liability through advance planning and prevention.

Citizen Advice

The City Attorney's Office does not provide legal advice to private citizens. The City Attorney's Office only represents the City of Fredericksburg, its boards, commissions, agencies, officials, and employees on matters of public business. If a citizen requires legal assistance he or she must contact a private attorney.

Private Representation

If you need private representation, you may wish to contact the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service, which is sponsored by the Virginia State Bar at 1-800-552-7977. The City Attorney does not prosecute criminal offenses. Matters involving criminal prosecution for violations of state code including most misdemeanors and all felony offenses are handled through the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney.