Electoral Board


The duty of the Electoral Board is to insure all elections are conducted fairly and impartially. The Constitution of Virginia requires the appointment of electoral boards. Please see 24.2-106 of the Code of Virginia.

Appointment information for the City of Fredericksburg Electoral Board.

The Electoral Board Job Description (PDF) is made available by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Electoral board works closely with the Director of Elections and General Registrar.


  • Rene Rodriguez: Chairperson
  • Floyd I. "Rob" Roberson: Vice-Chairperson
  • Cathie Fisher Braman: Secretary


  • 4:30 p.m.
  • Executive Plaza
    Suite 500-A
    601 Caroline Street

All meetings are Open to the Public.

View All Meeting Minutes

Draft minutes may be viewed in the General Registrar's office. You may request a copy by e-mailing Marc Hoffman, the General Registrar: Email Marc Hoffman

FOIA requests should be directed to Marc Hoffman, General Registrar: Email Marc Hoffman