History of Fredericksburg

EstablishmentNational Cemetery

The City of Fredericksburg was established by an act of the Virginia General Assembly in 1728, on land originally patented by John Buckner and Thomas Royston of Essex County in 1681. It was named for Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-51), eldest son of King George II of Great Britain and father of King George III. Its older streets still bear the names of members of the British royal family.

1607 to 1750: Settlement To Society

1750 to 1789: Colony To Nation

1789 to 1830: Early National Period

1830 to 1860: Antebellum Period

1861 to 1865: Civil War

1865 to 1917: Reconstruction and Growth

1917 to 1945: World War I to World War II

1945 to Present: New Dominion